2020 sports medicine summit

Hello! We are proud to invite you for our 2020 Sports Medicine Summit on April 5, 2020 at The Pelican Hill Resort, California. Make use of this a most favorable occasion for knowledge sharing in the field of health care and sports medicine. Participants can earn 21 CME Credits by participating in our Conference.

Course Highlights

  • 1. This summit provides the opportunity to hear from physicians, general clinicians and physical therapists from all over the world.
  • 2. Participants can learn ample details about health with the use of best internationally practiced doctors all under single roof.
  • 3. You will also get the best chance to get in touch with the health care experts, share your views and ask them directly questions about the field.
  • 4. Make use of this a most favorable occasion for knowledge sharing in the field of health care and sports medicine.
About The Conference The sports medicine summit brings together internationally and globally renowned sports physicians, general heal care providers, orthopedic surgeons, sports technologies, sports physiotherapists and child care experts for an interdisciplinary medicine conference on the latest approaches in specialized sports injury treatments, rehabilitation for both the specialized, and the part-time athlete. The one day Medicine Summit starts right at 8am for registration with the welcome speech take place at 9am.

Special Sessions

  • 1. Each and every sessions included in this Sports Medicine Summit is exclusive and beneficial
  • 2. Lean deep about various medicines in sports, other Internal Medicines and primary health care treatments.
  • 3. Course sessions consist of asking questions and getting quick answers from knowledgeable colleagues
  • 4. Both learning and entertainment sessions makes the sports medicine summit simply worthy.
Sports Medicine Summit Highlights
  • Earn CME Credits and get the benefits
  • AAFP Prescribed Live Credits, useful sessions
  • Beneficial Sports Medicine Summit courses
  • Wide-ranging updates about today’s advanced medicines
  • Expert speakers suggesting best ideas about sports and general medicines
  • Interactive course with questions and answers
  • Digital set of courses for all presentations
  • Online registration will also be available you can register at free of cost. All field doctors can make use this fantastic chance. The medicine summit will be CME accredited; all participants can attend the summit in full day and can receive 7 CME Hours.
Venue: The Pelican Hill Resort, California is an amazing place with varied gorgeous and fun features. Join Us Kindly join our team. For any inquires contact us through the details present in our website and know about the latest news about the future conferences.

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